Bunny smells the oranges.

Today at school, we took a little field trip out to the orange groves for my agriculture class. We were able to pick the fruit from the trees and eat the various types of citrus grown there. I tried tiny but sweet cumquats, beautiful blood oranges, fragrant mandarins, and weird tiny finger lemons that when you cut them open look as if it were citrus caviar!

Being out there, made me realize how beautiful and sweet life can be. I feel like I’m always caught up in my own head. Whether it’s with deadlines at work, assignments at school or even my own feelings and I forget to take a step back and see the beauty that exists all around me. I forget how happy nature makes me and I need to remind myself of that whenever I’m feeling a little blue. It truly is my happy place.

I would have never thought that going to the orange grove at school would make me feel so calm, happy, and inspired. This was kind of an unforeseen and impromptu bunny tries. It made me realize that peace and tranquility can be found throughout the random little moments in life, all you have to do is take a step back and smell the oranges. 🍊🐰

Where is your happy place? What do you like to do to get your mind out of a funk?

One thought on “Bunny smells the oranges.

  1. That sounds like a beautiful trip!!

    I try to focus on something I’m looking forward to or getting a coffee. Doesn’t always work but that’s my starting place!! A walk outside in the sun is another good freshener!


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